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Hikes in Red Rock Canyon – Nevada

We couldn’t find a great list of all the hikes in the Red Rock Canyon area without clicking on a million links, so we made one. We’ve included ones we have personally visited with a link below. Did we miss a hike or has something changed? Let us know!

Keep in mind the difficulty ratings of “easy”, “moderate” & “strenuous” are meant as a rough guide and may vary by individual athletic ability and current trail conditions. Use common sense when hiking in the desert as conditions can change quickly and mistakes can be fatal.

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Be safe out there and have fun!

Calico tanks viewpoint
Calico Tanks viewpoint in Red Rock Canyon – Moderate

Easy Hikes in Red Rock Canyon

Easy Hikes: Generally flat or a slight incline and usually short in length (usually less than 3 miles round trip). Typically acceptable for the majority of users (including children).

Trail NameDistance Avg. TimeDifficulty
Petroglyph Wall 0.2 Miles30 MinutesEasy
Fire Ecology 0.4 Miles1 HourEasy
Red Spring Boardwalk0.5 Miles30 MinEasy 
Lost Creek – Children’s Discovery0.8 Miles1 HourEasy to Moderate
Ash Spring Trail 1.0 Mile30 MinEasy
Willow Spring Loop 1.1 Miles1 HourEasy 
Girl Scout Trail 1.3 Miles1 HourEasy
Calico Basin Trail 1.5 Miles1 HourEasy
Calico Overlook1.5 Miles1 HourEasy to Moderate
Top of Escarpment Trail2.0 Miles1.5 HoursEasy
Moenkopi  Loop2.0 Miles1.5 HoursEasy
Oak Creek Canyon 2.0 Miles1.5 HoursEasy to Moderate
Pine Creek Canyon 2.4 Miles2 HoursEasy to Moderate
Flagpole Trail2.6 Miles1 HourEasy
Hunter Mountain, Torque, & Burbs Loop3.3 Miles1.5 HoursEasy
Molly’s Trail to Landmine Loop3.3 Miles1.5 HoursEasy
First Creek Canyon 4.0 Miles2 HoursEasy to Moderate
Black Friday & No Dab Loop4.2 Miles2 HoursEasy 
Ice box canyon trail
Ice Box Canyon trail in Red Rock Canyon – Strenuous

Moderate Hikes in the Red Rock Canyon Area

Moderate: Acceptable for hikers with a reasonable amount of fitness. These hikes usually are longer in length (3 – 10 miles round trip) and include a range of elevation gain up to 2,500 feet. May include a small amount of scrambling.

Trail NameDistanceAvg. TimeDifficulty
Skull Rock1.0 Mile30 MinModerate
Grand Staircase Loop1.1 Miles1 HourModerate
Cannibal Crag1.2 Miles30 MinModerate
Black Velvet Canyon Trail1.5 Miles1 HourModerate
Ash Canyon1.7 Miles1 HourModerate
Wilson Homestead via Pine Creek 1.7 Miles1 HourModerate
Cowboy Cave1.8 Miles1 HourModerate
Red Cap Rock Canyon Trail1.8 Miles1 HourModerate
Calico Hills2.0 – 6.0 Miles1.5 to 3.5 HoursModerate
SMYC – Spring Mountain Youth Camp Trail2.0 Miles2 HoursModerate
Arnight2.2 Miles1.5 HoursModerate
White Rock Spring Peak Summit2.2 Miles2 HoursModerate
Calico Tanks2.2 Miles2 HoursModerate to Strenuous
Fossil Ridge Ravine Loop2.4 Miles1.5 HoursModerate
Keystone Thrust2.4 Miles1.5 HoursModerate
Gene’s Trail2.6 Miles1.5 HoursModerate
Brownstone Canyon Trail2.7 Miles1.5 HoursModerate
Middle Oak Creek3.0 Miles3 HoursModerate
Fossil Canyon 3.0 Miles1.5 HoursModerate
Knoll Trail3.6 Miles2.5 HoursModerate
La Madre Spring 3.6 Miles2 HoursModerate
Pine Creek Trail & Climbers Trail to Mescalito4.0 Miles2.5 Hours Moderate
Dale’s Trail4.0 Miles2.5 HoursModerate
White Rock – Willow Springs 4.0 Miles2.5 HoursModerate
Fossil Ridge Loop4.3 Miles2.5 HoursModerate
Bomb Voyage and Bob Gnarly Trails4.7 Miles2.5 HoursModerate
North Oak Creek Trail4.7 Miles2.5 HoursModerate
Wilson’s Pimple Loop4.7 Miles2.5 HoursModerate
South Oak Creek4.8 Miles3.5 HoursModerate
Hidden Canyon4.9 Miles2.5 HoursModerate
Caren Canyon to Muffin Ridge5.1 Miles3 HoursModerate
Buckskin Cliff Shadows5.2 Miles3 HoursModerate
Oak Creek Horse Trail5.2 Miles2.5 HoursModerate
Muffin Ridge5.5 Miles2.5 HoursModerate
Old Spanish Trail5.9 Miles3 HoursModerate
Bomb Voyage, Sars & Boneshaker Loop6.0 Miles3.5 HoursModerate
Badger Pass Loop6.6 Miles3 to 4 HoursModerate
Sandstone Quarry Loop6.7 Miles3.5 HoursModerate
Blue Diamond Hill Trail7.2 Miles4 to 5 HoursModerate
Cat in the Hat, First Finger, Outer Loop, Fossil Canyon Loop7.3 Miles3.5 to 4 HoursModerate
Cowboy Trails MTB Loop7.6 Miles3 to 5 HoursModerate
Landmine Loop7.7 Miles3.5 to 4 HoursModerate
The Burbs, Hunter Mountain &  Inner Burbs Loop8.1 Miles4 Hours   Moderate
Rock Garden, Fossil Canyon & Second Finger Loop9.0 Miles4 to 5 HoursModerate
3 Mile Smile viua Badger Pass Loop9.2 Miles4.5 to 5 hoursModerate
Big Horn Spur, Middle Earth & Rise Over Run 11.3 Miles4 to 5 HoursModerate
Cottonwood Pass OHV Road13.7 Miles8 to 10 hoursModerate
Dead Horse Loop14.5 Miles7 to 8 HoursModerate
Turtlehead Peak trail sign
Turtlehead Peak in Red Rock Canyon – Strenuous

Strenuous Hikes in Red Rock Canyon

Strenuous: Typically longer distances or involve heavy scrambling. May include large amounts of elevation gain over 2,500 and likely includes tough terrain to traverse. A high level of fitness is needed for these trips.

Trail NameDistanceAvg. TimeDifficulty
Meet Up Wall Rock Climbing1.2 Miles1 HourStrenuous
Ice Box Canyon 2.2 Miles2 HoursStrenuous
Kraft Peak to Big Bird Peak Traverse2.9 Miles2 HoursStrenuous
Guardian Angel Pass3.2 Miles2 HoursStrenuous
Boneshare Trail3.4 Miles2 Hours Strenuous
Kraft Mountain Loop3.5 Miles2.5 to 3 HoursStrenuous
Turtlehead Peak 4.6 Miles3.5 to 4.5 HoursStrenuous
Gray Cap Peak Trail5.2 Miles3.5 HoursStrenuous
La Madres Cabin Trail5.2 Miles3 HoursStrenuous
Kraft Mountain Loop to Upper Gateway5.3 Miles3 HoursStrenuous
Gray Cap Chute to Chute5.8 Miles3 to 5 HoursStrenuous
Terrace Canyon via Pine Creek Trail6.0 Miles3.5 HoursStrenuous
White Rock Mountain Loop 6.2 Miles3.5 HoursModerate to Strenuous
Las Vegas Overlook Loop6.3 Miles3.5 HoursStrenuous
Red Outcrops7.0 Miles3.5 HoursStrenuous
Gunsight Notch Peak vs Juniper Canyon Scramble7.6 Miles4 Hours Strenuous
Boneshaker, Bob Gnarly, Amigos, SARS, Fossil Canyon and Rock Garden7.7 Miles4 HoursStrenuous
Rainbow Mountain via Creek Trail 7.9 Miles5 Hours Strenuous
Grand Circle Loop 11.4 Miles6 HoursStrenuous
Pincushion  & Damsel Peaks11.6 Miles7 Hours Strenuous
North Peak 11.8 Miles5 HoursStrenuous
Lucky Strike OHV Trail12.5 Miles8 to 10 HoursStrenuous
La Madre Mountain via Southern Route12.8 Miles8 HoursStrenuous
Bridge Mountain 15.8 Miles6 to 7 HoursStrenuous
Mount Potosi OHV Trail via Pioneer Saloon23.5 Miles1 to 2 daysStrenuous

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