Meet the Mooses

Meet the Traveling Mooses

“Go somewhere you’ve never been, as often as possible.”

— Traveling Mooses

Welcome to the adventures of the Traveling Mooses!

When we’re not at home relaxing, we’re out seeking adventures in the world.

We are currently located in Las Vegas and exploring our new home.

Why does Traveling Mooses exist?

Mrs Moose was an early adopter of Tripadvisor and found many hidden gems and travel advice there when the site first began.

While Tripadvisor and many other travel blogs are still a big part of our trip planning, we haven’t found the detail we’re seeking on many sites, or the type of travel we want to do.

Ta-dah! In comes, Traveling Mooses.

Wild Horses Monument, Quincy WA

What is Traveling Mooses all about?

We like to think of it as a guide for the adventure traveler.

Sure you get all the standard items, like where to go, when to go, what you’re going to see. But we also include our actual experiences, what we would do differently and if we feel like an activity is over-rated.

What types of content will you find on Traveling Mooses?

We love adventure travel!

Monterey, CA

You’ll find us writing about the things we love the most:

  • Adventure, Adventure, Adventure! Kayaking, white water rafting, disc golf, biking, parasailing, and so much more. We can’t get enough!
  • Hiking. We can’t resist a great hike. There’s no greater feeling than seeking out exotic locations at the end of a trail. Solitude, beauty, and many times a great workout, you’ll find us looking for nature in all our travels.
  • Water Activities. Racing around on jet skis, exploring lakes on a kayak or canoe, or taking a short cruise around a harbor leads to some great memories.
  • Lodging in the City. You’ll find us setting up a base for our adventures within walking distance of breweries, restaurants and quaint shops. We prefer walking to our night time activities rather than having to drive and deal with parking headaches.
  • Chasing Sunsets. A perfect and romantic way to end the day.
Shipwreck Beach in Kauai, HI

Things you aren’t likely to find

If you’re anything like us, you have a long list of “no freaking way I’m going there” lists. We’ve got a few of those too.

Crowds at the Mona Lisa

Here are some places you won’t catch us at:

  • Crowded places. Hard to avoid, but we try our best. Getting up early, visiting in the off season or showing up on a weekday really cuts down on the crowds.
  • Nightclubs. Enjoying a night cap before bed? Sure. Spending time in a crowded nightclub until 2 a.m. with hundreds of our “closest” friends? No thanks.
  • Live Sporting Events. Unpopular opinion alert… most sporting events are obnoxiously loud and way overpriced. Coming from a sports loving household, Mr Moose would rather be at a sports bar watching the big game (with 5 other games on in the background), than cheering from the stands. I of course appreciate this greatly since the only thing I pay attention to is those Superbowl commercials anyway. Half-time anyone?
  • Backpacking/Camping. Hotels or Airbnb wins the day in this house. Hot showers, bug free nights and restaurants are key in our travels.
  • High End Restaurants. If we’re paying $75 for a hand-crafted personal artisan pizza, something has gone seriously wrong. Give us a down to earth pub, local pizza haunt, or kick-ass mid-tier restaurant and we’re happy. And if that fails, nothing beats an egg McMuffin for breakfast.

A little more about Mr Moose…

Mr Moose’s travel necessities:

  • Moose Munch
  • Wifi Access
  • Access to sports bars

A little more about Mrs Moose…

Mrs Moose’s top travel necessities:

  • Over planning every detail
  • Finding the best activities
  • Dedicated naps times
  • Epic photo opporutnities

Thanks for stopping by and we hope we can inspire your next journey!

~The Mooses