Charleston Peak seen from Fletcher Peak trail

Mt Charleston Hikes

Notice: Mt. Charleston recently experienced substantial storm damage from Hurricane Hillary. Be sure to check for updated information about closures here.

Located 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas, you’ll find an abundance of Mt Charleston hikes. Find your perfect hike today!

HIke Mary Jane Falls Trail in Mt Charleston, NV

Mary Jane Falls

Mary Jane Falls trail is an extremely popular hike in the Mt. Charleston wilderness area that leads hikers to a seasonal waterfall. This moderate hike showcases epic views of the Spring Mountains, seasonal wildflowers and caves to explore near the waterfall.

  • Distance: 3.7 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate

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Hiking Fletcher Canyon Trail Mt Charleston Nevada

Fletcher Canyon

Fletcher Canyon trail is a moderate hike with beautiful views of the Spring Mountains, seasonal wildflowers and ends in a captivating journey through a variety of towering slot canyons.

  • Distance: 3.6 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate

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Raintree Trail Mt Charleston a 3,000 yr old bristlecone

Raintree Trail

The Raintree trail is a popular 2.7-mile trek (each way) that takes hikers through scenic forests, past epic views and culminates in what many believe to be the oldest living thing in Nevada, a 3,000-year-old massive bristlecone tree.

  • Distance: 5.4 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate

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Exploring the Cathedral Rock Trail in Mt Charleston

Cathedral Rock

This short hike is packed with adventure as you traverse to the summit of Cathedral Rock. Hikers will enjoy seasonal wildflowers, views of nearby peaks including, Mt. Charleston, Griffith, and Mummy Mountain, and be greeted by a large group of chipmunks at the summit.

  • Distance: 2.8 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate

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Exploring the caves at Robbers' Roost

Robber’s Roost

Robber’s Roost trail tells a legendary tale of a horse thieves’ hideout in the late 1800s.  Explore the caves, watch as brave climbers scale the limestone cliffs and enjoy all the wonders this trail has to offer. 

  • Distance: 0.4 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate/Strenuous (due to optional scrambling in cave area)

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Upper Bristlecone trail to lower bristlecone trail loop

Bristlecone Loop Trail

The Bristlecone loop trail is located near the Lee Canyon ski resort. The hike offers expansive views, pleasantly cooler temperatures than the Las Vegas valley and the chance to glimpse wild horses frolicking in the hills.

  • Distance: 6.3 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate

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Echo Overlook Trail Mt. Charleston NV

Echo Overlook Trail

Hikers will wind through fields of gorgeous wildflowers, past the towering Echo Cliffs and enjoy views of nearby Cathedral Rock, Charleston Peak and Fletcher Peak.

  • Distance: 4.6 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

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Eagles Nest Trail Mt Charleston, NV

Eagle’s Nest Trail

Enjoy beautiful views of Cathedral Rock, the Spring Mountains and seasonal wildflowers on this easy hike through the Mt. Charleston Wilderness area.

  • Distance: 2.7 Miles
  • Difficulty: Easy

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Mummy Springs Trail Mt Charleston Nevada

Mummy Springs

Mummy Springs is a year-round spring located near the Raintree around 3 miles from the North Loop trailhead. Although it’s typically a trickle in the summer months, hikers will enjoy a variety of foilage and seasonal wildflowers surrounding the spring, along with grand views of the Vegas Valley.

  • Distance: 6.0 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate

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Hiking Fletcher Peak Mt Charleston Nevada

Fletcher Peak

Fletcher Peak stands tall in the Spring Mountains at 10,319′. Hikers will be thrilled with epic views, wildflowers, wildlife (including birds and the endangered Mt. Charleston Blue Butterfly), and an optional trip to a 3,000-year-old bristlecone tree.

  • Distance: 7.2 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate/Hard

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Sawmill Loop Trail Mount Charleston Nevada

Sawmill Loop Trail

The Sawmill loop trail is a short 1.3-mile loop trail that is popular with hikers, bikers and horseback riders.

  • Distance: 1.3 Miles
  • Difficulty: Easy

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Pack Rat Route Trail Mt. Charleston Nevada

Pack Rat Route Trail

The Pack Rat Route trail takes hikers on a 1.4-mile moderate loop through the Kyle Canyon area of the Spring Mountains. The path leads to a historic exhibit about the 1955 Mount Charleston plane crash and features views of Cathedral Rock, Charleston Peak, a huge limestone escarpment, wildflowers and several packrat middens.

  • Distance: 1.4 Miles
  • Difficulty: Easy

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Lee Canyon Narrows

Hikers will enjoy views of Mummy Mountain, seasonal wildflowers, and historic remnants of old vehicles on this journey to the Lee Canyon Narrows.

  • Distance: 2.0 Miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate

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Desert View Overlook Mt Charleston

Desert View Overlook

A quick stop on the scenic highway 158, the Desert View Overlook is great for all ages and offers a unique vantage into Nevada’s history along with sweeping views.

  • Distance: 0.4 Miles
  • Difficulty: Easy

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