Sandstone Rocks along White Domes Trail

Hiking the White Domes Trail – Valley of Fire, Overton, NV

The White Domes hiking trail takes adventurers through stunning landscapes including a striking slot canyon and past swirls of red and white colors on towering sandstone walls.  This 1.25-mile loop is rated as “easy” and a popular hike with locals.

White Domes Loop Trailhead marker sign

White Domes Trail Quick Stats

Trail DescriptionLoop
Trail Location29450 Fire Cove Rd, Overton, NV 89040
Parking Lot36.4509444374466, -114.51539914924165
Round Trip Mileage1.25 miles
Average Time45 minutes to an hour
Elevation Gain~150 feet
Best time to visitFall, Winter, Spring
Entrance Fee$10 per vehicle per day ($15 for non-Nevada vehicles)
Park Info/ClosuresValley of Fire
Rating4.0 Mooses
White Domes Loop Trail Map
White Domes Trail Map

Know before you go:

  • There are two ways to access the White Domes hike.  The first is from the main parking lot located at 29450 Fire Cove Rd.  The second is via the Seven Wonders interlink trail accessed from the Fire Wave trail parking lot. 
  • This is a heavily trafficked trail and best used early in the morning or late in the afternoon to miss most of the crowds.  Keep in mind the park opens at sunrise and closes at sunset.
  • Restrooms and a picnic area are available at the main trailhead parking lot.
  • Keep your eyes out for bighorn sheep and other critters along the trail including ravens, kangaroo rats, sidewinders (rattlesnake), chuckwallas and tarantulas.
  • Come prepared for hiking in the desert, it gets extremely hot during certain times of the year.  Read more about what we do to keep ourselves safe in the desert.

Our experience hiking the White Domes Trail

We arrived at the trailhead on a busy holiday weekend around 10:30 a.m. to find a decent number of cars in the parking lot.   

White Domes Trailhead Parking Lot
Parking at White Domes Lot

The parking area included some trail signs, restrooms and a picnic table area. 

White Domes Trailhead Picnic Area
Picnic Area at White Domes

Other than the standard safety warnings for hiking in the desert, we found an area map and a list of animals to watch out for on the trail.

Animals in the Valley of Fire
Animals found around White Domes

We decided to go around the loop clockwise (which most hikers choose) and set off across the soft sand towards the slot canyon. 

Start of White domes hikes
White Domes trail start

The trail immediately enters a large canyon area with beautiful rock formations on both sides of the trail. It then quickly traverses down a rocky slope and into the most interesting part of the trail.

We recommend taking this portion of the trail slowly, as it was a little slippery and could be considered a small scramble.

Hiking along White Domes Trail
Starting down the rocky slope

As we made our way down the trail, we noticed varying patterns in the rocks and spotted some very hardy desert plants making a life for themselves in the barren landscape.

After walking around 0.75 miles, we came across the famed slot canyon and were pleasantly surprised to find we were the only ones there.

We snapped a few pictures and admired the rocks before leaving the slot canyon area and headed to the back part of the loop.

Insider tip: We actually recommend turning around at the slot canyon and making your way back to the parking lot through the most scenic part of the trail.

The back half of the trail leads to wide open views of the Valley of Fire and away from the large towering sandstone rock walls. We found the second part of the trail seemed to drag on, even though the distance is a relatively short path back to the car.

Rock formations along White Domes hike
Second half of the White Domes Trail

The highlight of the final portion of the trail was seeing a large black raven high up on the rocks in the distance. We had hoped he would fly down for a closer look, but instead he enjoyed staring at us from above.

Raven along White Domes Trail
Raven perched high on a rock formation

We finished the remainder of the trail by skirting alongside the White Domes Road and arrived back at the parking lot.

Should you hike the White Domes Trail?

Rating: 4.0 Mooses

What we liked:

  • The White Dome slot canyon was by far the highlight of the trail. It was an unexpected treat and similar to the slot canyons found at the White Owl Canyon hike near Lake Mead.
  • We really enjoyed seeing the large raven on the second half of the trail.
  • The rock formations with a variety of colors, patterns and towering walls were breathtaking.

What we didn’t like:

  • The second half of the trail seems to drag on a bit with less rock formations and a lot of sand of the trail. There was no shade along this portion of the route.
  • The trail gets busy quite early. This isn’t a trail to expect much, if any solitude.

Verdict: We enjoyed this trail and would check it out again on a return trip to the Valley of Fire!

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