Lee Canyon Disc Golf – Mt. Charleston, NV

Mount Charleston features one of the best disc golf courses we’ve ever been to.

Officially named the Lee Canyon Disc Golf, the course is found at the Lee Canyon Ski Resort nestled in Spring Mountains on at Mt. Charleston, NV.

Notice: Mt. Charleston recently experienced substantial storm damage from Hurricane Hillary. Be sure to check for updated information about closures here.

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Quick Stats

Activity18-hole disc golf course
Summer HoursChairlift is open Friday, Saturday, and Holidays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. (hours may vary, call to confirm)
LocationLee Canyon Ski and Snowboard Resort at Mt. Charleston, 6725 Lee Canyon Road, Las Vegas, NV 89124
Pricing$20 for disc rental and chairlift, or $10 for a secnic chairlift if you have your own disc (prices subject to change), or free if you have your own discs and want to hike up the hill
Current ConditionsLee Canyon
Course MapFound here
Lee Canyon Ski and Snowboard Resort Entrance
Entrance to Lee Canyon Ski & Snowboard Resort

Mount Charleston (Lee Canyon) Disc Golf Scorecard

Hole #Distance Feet (approx.)Par

Our experience at the Mt. Charleston disc golf course

We arrived at the Lee Canyon parking area around 10:30 a.m. on a weekday.  The parking area was mostly empty except for a few cars of hikers that appeared to be heading to the Upper Bristlecone hiking trail (which we highly recommend).

Because we were there on a weekday, the Lee Canyon Ski & Snowboard Resort was officially closed and we weren’t able to get a map of the course.  Luckily, their free WIFI still worked and we were able to download a copy of the trail map before we started playing. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Practice Hole
Practice basket at Lee Canyon Resort

The course is split into two main parts, holes 1 – 5 (near the base) and 6 – 18 (starting at the top of the Sherwood chairlift). 

Hole # 1, 489 feet, par 3

Hole one starts off at the top of the Rabbit Peak chairlift.  We were pleasantly surprised you get to tee off where skiers are normally getting off their chairlift.  The hole is almost a straight shot down the gentle slope directly under the chairs.  A common theme of this course is a variety of uphill and downhill play and it was fun to start off playing down.

Pro-tip – watch out for the chairs, if you get your disc stuck up there, it isn’t coming down!

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole One
Tee box for hole 1 starts at the Rabbit Peak chairlift

Hole # 2, 148 feet, par 3

We arrived at hole two which was easily spotted after completion of hole one.  We were surprised to see the hole immediately trekking up the side of a steep hill through some trees.  It seemed like it might be a long day. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Two
Lee Canyon tee box for hole # 2

Hole # 3, 305 feet, par 3

After finishing hole two, if you turn directly to your left and walk through the woods a short distance, you’ll come to hole three.  The “helpful” sign shows the basket is straight ahead, but it actually isn’t.  The hole veers off to the right and ends in the back corner on the far side of the Rabbit run. 

Hole # 4, 246 feet, par 3

Nothing much to note for hole four. It is readily visible after hole three and is a short straight shot to the right side of the course. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Four
Tee box for hole # 4

Hole # 5, 305 feet, par 3

Hole five was an interesting one.  There is an island back towards the Lee Canyon resort area that your disc must land on.  If your drive can’t make the island, you have to proceed to the drop area by the round tent like structure just past the hole.  Be careful on this hole not to overshoot too much as on the weekends there will be other guests walking around the area. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Five
Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole 5 Island
Island for hole # 5

Transition to hole #6

After hole five, the course continues up the Sherwood chairlift.  You have two choices to get to the summit. You can ride the scenic chairlift (for a fee) on the weekends, or walk up. 

Since we were there on a weekday, we trekked up the hill directly below the chair.  It took about 30 minutes. In retrospect, if you walked to the left of the chairlift on the outside of the tree line, the climb would have been smoother. 

The majority of the walk underneath the chairlift is fine, but it did get a little steep at the end (and very rocky).  Nothing a good pair of hiking shoes can’t overcome. 

Lee Canyon chair lift shown in the summer

Hole # 6, 469 feet, par 3

Hole six was by far our favorite!  We liked it so much we played it more than once before moving on.  The hole starts at the summit of the chairlift and offers sweeping views. 

We even stopped briefly to lounge on a picnic table we found at the summit.  Hole six was also where we got to see our first wildlife sighting, a smaller deer running down the ski run. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Six

A word of caution is that hole six is a very long drive down the mountain and any curve on the disc can have a less than desired outcome. 

Our first drive curved and ended up through the trees and under the chairlift.  We spent a good 15 minutes looking for the disc before finding it. 

Hole 6 alt tee, 141 feet, par 2

If you’re not keen on such a long hole, there is an alternate tee for six. As you’re facing down the mountain, keep the trees to left and head down the slope.  You’ll run into the alternate tee not too far down the mountain.

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Six alternate

Hole 7, 253 feet, par 3

After you finish up hole six, we found it wasn’t intuitive to find the seventh hole.  If you head straight back towards the chairlift, you’ll see the next tee box.  Once located, it’s a fairly straight shot to the next basket. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Seven

Hole 8, 203 feet, par 3

If you look to your right after finishing hole seven, you’ll see the tee box for hole eight.  Hole eight and the subsequent holes are taking you away from the scenic chairlift side (aka Sherman lift) and eventually you’ll end up near a water reservoir and come back down the Bluebird chairlift side. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Eight

Hole eight is a pretty straightforward hole once you locate the tee box.  It does have a built-up wood, almost fire like pedestal under the basket which gave it some character. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole 8 Basket

Hole 9, 233 feet, par 3

The tee box for hole nine is very close to the end of hole eight.  You shouldn’t have any trouble locating the start of this hole.  This hole is fairly straight, but has a number of trees to make your way through and an uphill climb at the end before the basket.  Hole nine was quite fun and frustrating at the same time.  Be careful on this hole to keep a close eye on your disc.

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Nine

Hole 10, 223 feet, par 3

Hole ten was an easy to spot hole and a short track slightly uphill.

Hole 11, 108 feet, par 3

The start of hole eleven took a moment to find in the trees.  After you finish hole ten turn around so you’re looking back towards where you started and the reservoir.  You’ll see the tee box down the hill a little way. 

Hole eleven is a short straight shot, but a little unnerving due to the reservoir directly behind it.  If you overshot the hole and made it over the fence that surrounds the reservoir, you can wish your disc a good life without you as you’re not getting it back.  There’s also a lot of trees that are aching to stop you from reaching the basket. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Eleven
Lee Canyon hole # 11

Hole 12, 318 feet, par 3

The transition from hole eleven to twelve was one of the most confusing we encountered.  After finishing hole eleven, you follow a lightly trafficked trail clockwise around the reservoir.

In other words, as you’re looking at the eleventh basket, keep to your left.  Keep following the reservoir until you see a small shed and warning signs to keep out.  On your left will be the twelfth hole tee box. 

Lee Canyon Reservior

The twelfth hole curves off the left and not straight as the sign implies.  As you get closer to the hole, you’ll find a bunch of ski type equipment blocking your path to the hole. 

My disc ended up in the middle of the equipment which made it harder to reach the basket.  One strategy would be to throw the disc straight and then turn to the left to face the hole and shoot straight again. 

Hole 13, 463 feet, par 3

To reach hole thirteen, go under the chairlift and look for a picnic table on the far side of the run.  The basket is off to the right of the trees in front you and directly under the chairlift. 

If you end up with your disc on the left-hand side of the trees, don’t worry, you’ll just need to make a throw up a small hill to get back on track.

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Thirteen

Hole 14, 312 feet, par 3

For the next tee box, walk straight down a small hill (descending along the route of the chairlift) and you’ll see the start of fourteen. The basket for fourteen is on the left-hand side of the chairlift and you can see the basket in the distance. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Fourteen

Hole 15, 305 feet, par 3

When you’re looking for the next hole, watch out!  You’ll see a tee box in front of you further down the hill that you’ll want to walk to.  Don’t do it! That isn’t the right one and you’ll end up at eighteen if you keep walking down the hill. 

Once you’re done with fourteen, go directly to your right back towards the trees and you’ll find the tee box for fifteen.

The basket for fifteen is a long straight shot across the ski run directly in front of you.  

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Fifteen

Hole 16, 207 feet par 3

The next hole is easy to find and just a short distance from the basket of fifteen.  It starts in the wooded area to your left.  The basket for sixteen is again found across the next ski run with a slight left angle and several trees in your way. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Sixteen

Hole 17, 197 feet, par 3

After completing sixteen, look to your left and continue a short way down the hill to come to the seventeenth hole.  You’re traversing back across the same ski run in the opposite direction you just went for the sixteenth hole. 

Lee Canyon Disc Golf
Headed towards tee box # 17
Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Seventeen
Tee box # 17

Hole 18, 220 feet, par 3

You’ve made it to the final hole!  The sign shows a curve to the right, but it’s more straight than anything.  You can see a tiny sliver of the basket from the tee box if you look closely.  It’s hiding over a slight incline which makes it tough to spot.  

Lee Canyon Disc Golf Hole Eighteen

The course ended up taking us about three and a half hours to complete.  We took our time hiking up the chairlift, stopped for a snack and took lots of pictures. 

Since the course was constructed to end back at the Lee Canyon Resort, there is a gift shop and a few options for food and drink to celebrate completing the course (if you visit on a weekend).

Should you visit the Mt. Charleston disc golf course?

Rating:  4.5

4.5 Mooses Rating

What we liked

  • The amazing views throughout the course.
  • The holes were varied and kept us interested in the course.
  • Seeing wildlife along the trail (deer and wild horses).
  • We had the course to ourselves on a weekday.
  • Getting a break from the intense summer temperatures in Las Vegas.

What we didn’t like

  • It was difficult to figure out where some of the holes started and ended. 
  • It’s easy to lose your disc in the forested areas.

Verdict:  Whether you choose to hike up the ski hill yourself or take the chairlift up on the weekends, we highly recommend playing a round at Lee Canyon.  

Know before you go

  • Wear sturdy shoes regardless of if you’re planning on taking the chairlift or not.  The terrain is a mountainous area with many rocks and tree branches. 
  • Be prepared to lose discs or spend plenty of time searching.
  • Bring lots of water and some snacks as the course takes longer than expected.
  • The course is only open during the summer months.
  • If the chairlift isn’t running, you can still play the course, but will need to walk up the ski hill between holes 5 and 6 to continue playing.  No services will be available if you don’t play on the weekends. 

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