Is it worth going to Dante’s View? – Death Valley National Park

Dante’s View at a Glance

LocationDeath Valley National Park, Dantes View Rd, California 92328
Cost$30 for a 7-day pass to the entire Death Valley National Park or the America the Beautiful Pass is accepted. (Pricing as of 2023 and subject to change).

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AmenitiesParking area, information sign boards, walking trail up Mt. Perry
Average Visit Time<30 minutes
Elevation5,575 feet
Rating4.5 Mooses

What to expect at Dante’s View

We’ve been to Dante’s View twice, it’s that popular. You’ll find it near the eastern entrance of Death Valley when arriving from Las Vegas.

To reach the location, you’ll have to traverse a steep winding road that is unsuitable for large vehicles. In fact, there are warning signs that restrict larger vehicles from attempting to reach the summit.

Dante's View looking towads the mountains
View from Dante’s View

Our first visit

We arrived early, around 9:30 a.m. and found the parking lot near empty. When we got out of the car, it was no surprise why no one was there. The wind was blowing and the area was freezing. We quickly put on the only jacket we had (thin sweatshirts), and attempted to enjoy the view.

Our visit didn’t last long. We snapped a few photos and hightailed it out of there.

Dantes View

While beautiful, our mistake was to hit the viewpoint so early. At 5,575 feet in elevation, the temperatures are vastly different than Badwater Basin (the lowest point in North America and 282 feet below sea-level).

If you plan to visit the viewpoint in the winter months, we recommend checking it out later in the day when air has warmed up.

Our second visit

We decided to visit again when taking our family on a day trip to visit Death Valley. It’s such a popular spot and we were itching to go back since our first visit was cut short.

During our next visit, the sun was shining and temperatures were much warmer. This also meant more visitors in the area, despite it being only 10 a.m. on a week day.

We were able to learn about the history of the area with the multiple sign boards at the vantage, and watch some hikers marching up Mt. Perry that leaves from the parking area.

Dante's View Death Valley Information Sign board at the summit
Sign found at Dante’s View

Is visiting Dante’s view worth it?

What we liked:

  • You can’t beat the views; they are quite stunning.
  • On our second visit, the temperature was pleasant and we enjoyed learning about the history of the area.

What we didn’t like:

  • The road leading up to the vantage is extremely narrow with some blind and tight corners.
  • It’s quite a distance off the main road to reach the vista.

Verdict: Once is enough for this activity (assuming the temperatures aren’t too cold to enjoy your visit). Frankly, the views won’t change, and it takes a long time to drive there. We feel like there are more spectacular places to visit such as Zabriskie Point, or the drive to Artistes Palette.

Dante's View Death Valley
Dante’s View Area | Photo by: logopop, CC by SA 3.0

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the road to Dante’s View difficult to drive?

We wouldn’t consider it difficult, mostly long and a bit demanding the last few miles. The last few miles of the road are extremely narrow and winding. Vehicles longer than 25 fee should not use the road to the viewpoint.

Road to Dante's View
Winding road to Dante’s View | Photo by: National Park Service, Public Domain
Dante's View parking area
Dante’s View Parking Lot | Photo by: Iogopop, CC by SA 3.0.

What type of amenities are at Dante’s View?

There isn’t much at Dante’s View. You won’t find any restrooms or running water. There are some information sign boards in the area. The biggest amenity is the view itself!

What is the best time to visit Dante’s View?

The best time to visit Dante’s View is to watch the sunrise or sunset. If you visit at mid-day, you will find the area most crowded.

The higher elevation also leads to much cooler temperatures which is a benefit during the hot summer months.

Are there are any hiking trails?

Yes! You will find a trailhead that leads up the nearby Mt. Perry. We did see a few people hiking up there on our second visit, but it doesn’t look like the view changes much.

Mt Perry - trail leading from Dante's View parking area
Mt. Perry – starting from Dante’s view

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