Zabriskie Point in Death Valley

Death Valley is turning out to be one of my favorite National Park’s of all time. The park is huge and needs several days to do it justice…not to mention having a four wheel drive to see all the secret spots.

One not so secret spot? Head over to Zabriskie’s point and take in the glorious views with little effort.

View from Zabriskie Point

Zabriskie Point at a Glance

Trail DescriptionOut and Back – paved path
LocationZabriskie Point
Round Trip Mileage0.4
Elevation Gain~52 feet
Average Visit Time20 – 40 Minutes
Best time to visitNovember to April, and at sunset
Amenities at TrailheadParking, restrooms (vault toliet), trash can
Entrance Fee$30 for a 7-day pass to the entire Death Valley National Park or the America the Beautiful Pass is accepted. (Pricing as of 2023).

More information here.
Rating5 Mooses

Where is Zabriskie Point located?

Zabriskie Point is located off highway 190, the main highway which cuts through Death Valley. This well marked, but small parking lot, is easy to find.

You can see an aerial below or click here to see in google maps.

What to expect on Zabriskie Point Trail

The trail is wide, paved and accessible to strollers.

Paved walking path leading to Zabriskie Point
Walking path up to Zabriskie Point

Just a short 0.2 mile walk up the hill and you’re rewarded with sweeping views of the Badlands and the famed Manly Beacon off in the distance.

Manly Beacon seen from Zabrieske Point
Manly Beacon as seen from Zabrieske Point

This is a popular place to watch the sun set after a long day of sightseeing in the desert.

Zabriskie Point is also one of the locations that leads to the famed Golden Canyon / Gower Gulch loop. While it adds a little more distance than starting from the Golden Canyon trailhead, Zabriskie point is a convenient spot to start your hike out to Red Cathedral, or the full loop to Golden Canyon & Gower Gulch.

Golden Canyon, Gower Gulch and Badlands hiking trail map
Map of Golden Canyon from Zabriskie Point

Checkout our complete review of the Golden Canyon loop here.

The parking lot at Zabriskie’s fills up pretty quick. The average visitor spends around 20 – 40 minutes at this iconic spot, so you shouldn’t have wait too long for parking. Get there early if you want to snap some pics without the crowds!

Is visiting Zabriskie Point worth it?

Rating: 5 Mooses

This is a check-the-box activity when visiting Death Valley, but you will surely want to check it off. It’s a little effort for a big pay-off.

What we liked:

  • It’s a quick hike up to the look out area and easily accessible if you want to watch the sunset.
  • It’s a jumping off area to hike Red Cathedral or the Golden Canyon Loop.

What we didn’t like:

  • It gets busy at this stop and with it, comes a lot of visitors standing in the way of your perfect photo.
  • The parking area is fairly small for the number of visitors the area gets and you’re not allowed to park on the highway.

Verdict: Worth a quick stop as you travel through Death Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions about Zabriskie Point

What type of trail information is available?

At the trail head, you’ll find a sign board that includes local trail details and some safety information.

  • Zabriskie Point – 100 yard one-way
  • Badlands Loop – 2.5 miles round-trip
  • Golden Canyon trailhead via Golden Canyon – 2.5 miles one-way
  • Golden Canyon trailhead via Gower Gulch – 3.0 miles one-way
Exploring the Badlands

Safety Tips:

  • Always carry plenty of drinking water, even in winter
  • Do not hike in low elevations when it is hot
  • Avoid flash floods by staying out of canyons during heavy rains
  • Be careful near old mining sites; do not enter mine tunnels.

The tips above are the official ones from the park. We’d like to add:

  • Use common sense when hiking in the desert
  • Always tell someone where and when you’re going
  • Cell service in Death Valley is awful
  • Know your limits

There’s horror stories every year of people dying in the Death Valley because they weren’t prepared. I guess it had to get it’s name from somewhere.

The sign also has a map of the area:

Trail map starting from Zabriskie Point

We highly recommend downloading an offline GPS / Trail map software to help you in case you get lost. We personally use Alltrails (no affiliation and not sponsored). It has saved us more than once!

What is the address of Zabriskie Point?

Zabriskie Point is located in Death Valley National Park off Highway 190 in California. The Latitude is 36° 25′ 7.19″ N and Longitude is: -116° 48′ 23.99″ W.

See it on google maps.

What is the best spot to watch the sunset in Death Valley?

Hands down, Zabriskie Point is the best place we found to watch the sunset. It’s easily accessible and offers phenomenal views.

What is parking like at Zabriskie Point?

There is a decent size parking area at the location, however it is so popular with tourists, we believe it could be bigger.

Zabriskie Point Parking Area
Parking lot seen from trail
Cars parked in the Zabriskie Point Parking Area
Parking Lot

When is the best time to visit Zabriskie Point?

The best time to visit would either be in the early morning (less crowds and morning light), or early evening around sunset (more crowds, but great lighting).

Is Zabriskie Point wheel chair accessible?

Yes, the path is wide and accessible to wheel chairs and strollers.

Are their restrooms at Zabriskie Point?

Yes, there are restroom facilities at the parking lot of Zabriskie Point. They are considered a “vault toliet.”

Is there a cost to see Zabriskie Point?

Yes, you will need either a day pass to enter Death Valley National Park ($30) or the America the Beautiful Pass ($80). Pricing subject to change.

We highly recommend getting the annual pass if you plan on visiting several parks during the year.

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