Arizona Snowbowl Disc Golf – A Players Guide

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Arizona Snowbowl Disc Golf Quick Stats

LocationSnowbowl Ski Resort
ParkingFree during summer months
Course TypeSeasonal
Elevation start~9,200 feet
Tee TypeRubber
CostFree (discs not provided)
Rating4.0 Mooses
*We have no affiliation with Snowbowl Ski Resort, our thoughts/opinions are our own.

What to expect on the course (our experience)

We arrived at the Snowbowl Ski Resort around 10 a.m. on a weekday to play a round of disc golf.

When we arrived, there weren’t many people around and we weren’t sure where the course actually started. Since it ultimately took us a good 10-15 minutes to find it, we put together explicit instructions to hopefully save you the trouble.

Finding the first tee

By far, the biggest complaint of this course is finding the first tee box. We also struggled with it and had to ask an employee twice as the instructions were unclear. We can see why people just gave up.

Summary: Head under the Arizona Gondola Lift and walk up the left side of the greenway until you reach a road that leads left (with a sign to hole #1).

Once arriving at the ski resort, head over to the Arizona Gondola. You’ll notice a sign that points players to the course. The sign is small and easy to miss (you can see it in the photo below).

Arizona Gondola with signs pointing to disc golf course
Arizona Gondola at Snowbowl Ski Resort

When looking at the sign, it appears to point you straight up the hill to the right nearest the inner tube area for kids. Do not go up that hill. The course actually starts up the hill to the left (see the photo above).

Arrow point to disc golf course at Snowbowl Ski Resort

When we visited, there was a bunch of green netting that we needed to carefully step through to get to the other side of the ski lift, so watch your step.

Practice hole
Practice hole map that shows where hole 1 begins
Road leading to the cutoff for hole number one
Approaching the tee hole 1 sign cutoff
Sign to the first hole
Turn left to continue towards hole # 1

After you’ve turned left and you’re following the road, you may run into a false tee box.

Taking a shot on a false tee box
False tee box # 1

We’ve been to a lot of courses that aren’t marked well and really thought this was the start of the first hole, but it wasn’t. Keep going up the road.

You’ll finally find the real hole number one at the top of the hill off to the right.

Hole # 1, Par 3, 242 feet

After we finally arrived at hole number one, we found what would be extremely helpful maps at each hole. We highly recommend taking a photo of each hole as you play, so you can remember directionally where the next basket is.

Tee box for Hole # 1 shown at Snow
Tee box for Hole # 1

You’ll also find some helpful hints on the signs:

Hole # 1 helpful hint: Ski area gate entrance is locked at 5 p.m. Please park below the gate if you plan to play past 5 p.m.

We’re not sure what happens if you end up in the ski gate area after 5 p.m., but we sure didn’t want to find out.

As a point of reference, it took us three hours to play a round on this course. We took our time enjoying the sights and a had a snack around the halfway point.

Back to the hole, it goes straight up and slightly to the right, for a distance of 242 feet for a par three.

The fairway with trees lining the right side past hole number one
Hole # 1 straight up and to the right (near the tree line)
Disc golf basket with a number one
Basket at Hole # 1

Hole # 2, Par 3, 189 feet

Hole # 2 helpful hint: No littering, please respect this sensitive mountain environment. Pack it in, pack it out.

Hole number two was pretty uneventful. It was easy to find and navigate across a wide-open field. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding this hole.

Man walking away from hole 2 at Snowbowl Disc Golf Course
A grove of trees shown near humphreys peak on disc golf course
Basket # 2 straight ahead in the tree area

Hole # 3, Par 3, 237 feet

Hole # 3 helpful hint: Smoking is only permitted in designated areas at Agassiz lodge.

The first couple holes are over rough terrain and uphill. The entire course consists of heading up and down the mountain until you end up back at the gondola.

Hole number three was uneventful. A pretty straight shot on a nice wide fairway with a par three and about 237 feet.

#3 hole sign market at snowbowl disc golf course
The fairway shown from hole # 3 along the snowbowl disc golf course
Fairway for hole three

The basket is found near the tree line.

Disc golf Basket with a 3 marker
Basket # 3

Hole # 4, Par 3, 162 feet

Hole # 4 helpful hint: Use caution, thick treed area around basket.

You’ll find the fourth tee box off to the left of hole number three. This hole, while short, has a basket that is smack dab in the middle of a wooded area.

Disc golf hole marker for hole 4

The good news is that it’s a pretty straight shot and only 162 feet long. This is a prime spot to have your disc ricochet off the trees and take a while to find.

Wooded area with disc golf basket number 4

Hole # 5, Par 3, 184 or 364 feet

Hole # 5 helpful hint: Be cautious of golfers on the next tee.

For hole five, you’ll have two choices of baskets, coming in at 184 or 364 feet.

Disc golf sign marker for hole 5 at the snowbowl disc golf course
Hole # 5

There are several holes on the course that claim to have two buckets, though we did not always find the second one. It was probably user error. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Before heading off to hole six, we stopped to enjoy the beautiful views along the course.

Scenic views of valley seen from agassiz mountain
Scenic views along the course near hole five

Hole # 6, Par 3, 230 feet

Hole # 6 helpful hint: High traffic service road, yield to vehicle traffic.

We almost had the mountain to ourselves the day we visited, but use caution when approaching the basket for hole six, as there is a road just beyond the basket.

A sign with hole # 6 shown in the foreground with the fairway extending uphill beyond it
Hole # 6, leading uphill

Hole number six tees off uphill, with the basket slightly off to the right about 230 feet.

A disc golf basket labled number 6
Hole # 6 basket

The basket itself was wide open and not blocked by any trees.

Hole # 7, Par 4, 189 or 318 feet

After completing hole six, you’ll need to transit a decent way to reach hole seven.

You’ll leave the basket and head off to the left and across the service road. Don’t worry, there will be signs to help guide you.

A man walking up humphreys peak towards hole number seven on the arizona snowbowl disc golf course
On the way to hole # 7

Along the way you can enjoy some of the many wildflowers found along the course.

A purple wildflower with a bright yellow center
Wildflowers along the course
Purple wildflowers in a meadow with a bee hovering over it
Bee enjoying some pollen
An arrow point to hole # 7 seven with a man walking in the distance towards the hole
After crossing the road, keep to the left
Tee box and signage for hole # 7 at snowbowl ski resort
Tee box for hole # 7

Once you reach the official start of hole seven, the basket is located on a fairly straight shot. You’ll go under the chair lift and find the basket in a grove of trees.

Hole number 7 in the distance across the fairway and under a ski chair lift
Looking towards hole # 7

Hole # 8, Par 4, 276 or 341 feet

Hole # 8 helpful hint: Watch for vehicle traffic on service road below basket.

Next up is hole number eight, which we found to be pretty easy. The basket is a gentle slope to the right and ends right before a service road.

Hole number 8 disc golf sign with a  views of the valley below
Hole # 8
Basket number 8 shown with a false tee box in the distance
Basket # 8

After we completed hole eight, we were once again tricked into playing a false hole number nine.

Hole # 9, Par 3, 243 feet

Hole # 9 helpful hint: Watch for service vehicles on road. Yield to vehicle traffic.

After you cross the service road, you’ll immediately see a rubber mat that appears to be the next hole. We’re really not sure why it’s there. We figured there was no sign for the next hole, so we started playing.

A mountain service road on agassiz peak
False start for hole # 9

It turns out, we needed to turn right and head up the service road a short way before finding the real tee box.

You’ll find the start on the right-hand side of the road.

Sign marker for hole # 9 at the arizona snowbowl disc golf course

We found this hole a little awkward with the curving road and not being able to see the basket off in the distance.

We did enjoy seeing this little critter hiding in the bushes near the hole start.

Horned lizard
Horned lizard
Looking back towards the start of hole nine
Looking back towards the start of hole nine

After completing hole nine, you’ll make your way to a structure that we believe may have been created for the PDGA Pro World Championship contest in 2003.

Viewing area along the course
Heading towards hole number ten

Hole # 10, Par 4, 282 or 445 feet

Hole # 10 helpful hint: Tall grass on course. Watch your disc.

Hole number ten is a long shot that veers slightly off to the right. It is also downwards sloping and filled with tall grass. Trees line both sides of the fairway, which makes for an easy place to lose your disc.

Fairway for hole ten at snowbowl disc golf course

Hole # 11, Par 3, 190 feet

Hole # 11 helpful hint: No littering. Please pack it in, pack it out.

To find hole eleven, you’ll need to traverse to the opposite side of the fairway near the tree line. It would be helpful to refer to a picture of the sign at hole ten if you get turned around.

Tee box shown for hole 11 with trees in the background
Start of hole 11
Hole 11 signage
Hole 11 details

The basket, while a straight shot, is surrounded by trees on all sides. Watch your discs on this one!

Disc golf basket for hole 11 seen in the tres=es

Hole # 12, Par 3, 226 feet

Hole # 12 helpful hint: Watch for golfers from previous hole.

Hole number twelve is a quick par three, 226 ft distance, that heads straight through some trees and back towards a chairlift and the valley below. 

Hole 12 showing 226 feet par at the snowbowl disc golf course

If you can keep your disc straight, you’ll have a pretty good shot of hitting the basket. Otherwise, you might hit some trees like we did and have it bounce off and land in an out-of-the-way area.

Basket for the 13th tee box
Basket 12 shown in the distance

Hole # 13, Par 3, 255 feet

Hole # 13 helpful hint: Please do not intentionally throw disc into chair lift or climb tower.

After completing hole twelve you’ll be marching back up hill. The thirteenth hole is a quick par three with a 255 foot distance.

Disc golf basket show up a grass field in the shadow of some tall trees
Hole 13

The challenge with this one is the tall grass. If you lose your disc, you’ll have that plus the trees in the area. The holes for this area were also quite close, so keep an eye out for fellow players and errant disc throws.

At the top of this hole, we decided to take a quick water break and were rewarded with a beautiful black and white butterfly.

Black and white butterfly shown resting on a blade of grass

It was quite a marvel and while we’re not sure what type of butterfly it was, we were able to snap a couple of pics.

Hole # 14, Par 3, 192 feet

Hole # 14 helpful hint: Watch for wayward discs from previous holes.

Moving on to hole fourteen, we were looking at another par three with about 192 feet to the basket. This was also a fairly straight shot but it did end in some trees and we were unable to see the basket until we got a little bit closer.

Hole number 14 sign at snowbowl disc golf course
Basket for hole 14 hidden in the tree line

Hole # 15, Par 4, 190 or 362 feet

Hole # 15 helpful hint: Watch for vehicle traffic on service road. Yield to traffic.

After finishing the fourteenth hole you’ll head slightly downhill to the start of fifteen.

Hole fifteen has two baskets, one on the right side of the fairway and one on the left.

This Is a fairly gentle downward-sloping hole that we really enjoyed.

Hole # 15 signage
Tee box for hole # 15

When you’re done with fifteen, you will find a lovely bench that you can rest on and soak in the views of the valley.

Bench on agassiz mountain with amazing view of the valley on a sunny ay

Hole # 16, Par 4, 230 or 360 feet

Hole # 16 helpful hint: Tall grass on course, watch your disc.

Hole sixteen leads you further downhill and slightly to the right. The basket was easy to find though it was located in the middle of thick grass.

Hole # 16

Hole # 17, Par 4, 237 or 437 feet

Hole # 17 helpful hint: Caution: yield to traffic on service road and avoid chairlift.

Hole seventeen was one of our favorites. It’s a super long and wide-open downhill shot. It’s fun to wind up your shot and not worry about it getting lost in the trees.

One word of caution, however, the grass is very tall and its easy to lose your disc. Be sure have someone keep an eye out where it lands.

Hole # 17 sign details
Hole 17 basket in the distance

Hole # 18, Par 5, 205 or 520 feet

We made it the final hole of the day. Another long shot to the final basket.

Hole # 18 helpful hint: Please do not intentionally throw disc into lift or climb towers.

Hole 18 sign on disc golf course
Final basket for hole shown in the distance near some trees

After you finish up hole eighteen, you won’t be far from the Agassiz Lodge and the Arizona Gondola base. Enjoy a much-deserved snack or check out the scenic gondola ride if you’re feeling up to it!

Is playing the Snowbowl disc golf course worth it?

Rating: 4.0 Mooses

What we liked:

  • There was almost no one on the course when we played. Granted it was a weekday, but it was a perfect sunny day after a long monsoon season.
  • We enjoyed the expansive views along the course.
  • A variety of short and long holes through trees and sloping meadows kept things interesting.
  • It’s a great workout starting at 9,200 feet in elevation and trapsing up the mountain to find the tees.

What we didn’t like:

  • It was difficult finding the first tee box and many people give up looking for it.
  • The ground is uneven and some of the tees are challenging to find.
  • It’s easy to lose your disc in the tall grass or wooded areas on the course.

Verdict: We enjoyed the course and would play again if we find ourselves back in the area.

Practical Information for your trip to Snowbowl

Score Card

13242 feet
22189 feet
33237 feet
44162 feet
53A, 364 feet
B, 184 feet
63230 feet
74A, 318 feet
B, 189 feet
84A, 341 feet
B, 276 feet
93243 feet
104A, 445 feet
B, 282 feet
113190 feet
123226 feet
133255 feet
143192 feet
154A, 362 feet
B, 190 feet
164A, 360 feet
B, 230 feet
174A, 437 feet
B, 237 feet
185A, 520 feet
B, 205 feet

Parking at the Snowbowl Ski Resort in the summer

In the summer months, parking is abundant and free at the Snowbowl Ski Resort.

Welcome to Snowbowl

You’ll want to drive to the end of the road as far as possible and park in one of the two closest lots to the ski lodge area.

Here’s a parking map on their website.

Snowbowl Ski Resort Parking Area
Parking on a summer day

When we visited, monsoon season had just passed and the road was a little torn up but passable. We were in a sedan and didn’t have any issues, but keep in mind the parking area was dirt/gravel.

North Snowbowl road shown after monsoon season with deep ruts
Road after monsoon season

Other things to do at Snowbowl

In the summer, there are several other activities you may want to consider on your trip.

  • Enjoy the Agassiz Restaurant and bar at the base
  • Take a ride up the gondola
  • Relax around the fire pit
  • Play different games including connect four, corn hole or checkers
  • Hike several different trails in the area including Aspen Loop trail or Humphreys Peak
  • Other activities for kids include the bungee trampoline, summer tubing, rock wall, treasure panning, or barrel rolling.

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