Old traffic with a large white Gilcrease Orchard sign painted on the side

A fun filled day at Gilcrease Orchard

Who would ever guess in the middle of the desert (in Las Vegas no less), you could pick your own fruit at a local orchard?

It turns out, Gilcrease Orchard is a not-so hidden gem located in the north central part of the Las Vegas valley. Filled with fun activities for all ages, visitors can pick fresh fruit and veggies, enjoy freshly baked donuts and fill up on an abundance of fresh seasonal produce.

Location7800 North Tenaya Las Vegas NV 89131
Official WebisteGilcrease Orchard
Entrance FeeVaries depends on season / day visited
Produce TypeVaries depending on seasons. Items may include, apricots, pomegranites, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, etc. 
ActivitiesFruit picking, Food / Drink, Sunflower Yoga, Photoshoots, Christmas Events, Pumpkin Patch, Chicken Coop, Desert Tortoise enclosure
HoursSummer: Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. – 10 a.m

Hours subject to change, see website for current openings.
ParkingLarge lot available
Rating5 Mooses

What to expect at Gilcrease Orchard

Arriving at Gilcrease Orchard, visitors are met with a large parking area and a short walk to the entrance. Staff are on hand with warm greetings and an abundance of green plastic bags and brightly colored orange wheelbarrows. During the busy months, tickets are required. The day we visited, it was free to enter.

Gilcrease Orchard Farm Stand

We made our way to the farm stand first, where they had a sampling of watermelons, cantolope, several different types of onions, garlic, pints of blackberries, freshly made apple cider, tubs of jam and more. In this area, you have access to produce that you can’t pick on your own, but is equally fresh and delicious. Sometimes they even have fresh eggs for purchase.

After the farm stand, we made our way to the Pluot, Apriplum and apricot trees, to pick the now ripe and delicious fruits.

At the beginning of each row, you’ll see signage describing how to find the ripest trees and what to look for on individual fruit trees. You can also download their app to show where the fruit is ready for harvesting.

An information sign at the Gilcrease Orchard on how to tell if a Pluot is ready to be harvested
Pluot Sign
Long line of Aprium and Pluot Fruit Trees stretching out as far as the eye can see at Gilcrease Orchard in Nevada
Apriplum trees

Along the way, you may run into their chicken coop. Around 30 chickens were enjoying themselves in the coop, while onlookers enjoyed watching them.

A black chicken wandering around a large chicken coop at the Gilcrease Orchard
Chicken Coop at Gilcrease Orchard

Depending on when you visit, you’ll see many different types of fruit growing that will be ready for harvest later in the year. We saw rows of pear and pomegranite trees waiting for their chance to be harvested.

Young red and golden pear growing at the Gilcrease Orchard

Be sure to enjoy a breakfast treat before you head out. They had a range of breakfast burritos and quesidillas the day we visited.

Fenced off covered tent area with picnic tables and food for purchase

Tips for visting Gilcrease Orchard

  • If you’re visiting in the summer, go-early. The desert heats up fast and despite the shade from the orchards, it gets hot.
  • Make your way to the farm stand first. The speciality items go quickly and you’re unlikely to snag a watermelon, dozen eggs or a pint of the largest blackberries we’ve seen if you don’t go fast.
  • Don’t be afraid to walk deeply into the lines of orchards, the fruit gets picked over quickly at the closet locations.
  • Visiting on a weekday will mean less visitors and sometimes free admission depending on the time of year you visit.
  • Definetly try their fresh baked donuts, they aren’t like anything you can get at a normal store or speciality donut shop.
  • They take credit cards for payment, making it easy to purchase all the fruit and veggies you need.
Long gravel street on the edge of a fruit orchard
Perimeter of the Gilcrese Orchard
Desert Tortoise
Desert Tortoise

Is visiting Gilcrease Orchard worth it?

Rating: 5 Mooses

5 Mooses Rating

What we liked:

  • An abundance of fruit trees to pick from
  • Plenty of parking, friendly employees, short lines at check-out and convenient ways to pack / carry your fruit & veggies
  • Delicious fresh baked donuts
  • A chicken coop and desert tortoise habitat

What we didn’t like:

  • There is a fair amount of shade from the orchards, but it gets hot in the summer. They had water for sale and shaved ice, but it was only available near the entrance. Be sure to bring a sun hat and your own water if you plan to be out there for a long time.
  • It can get incredibly busy.

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