Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a quick guide to some questions I frequently get asked about my reviews.

Average Time

This is the average time needed to complete the entire activity. That includes time to stop and eat and enjoy the sights.

Hike Difficulty

It’s tough to adequately describe a hike’s difficulty as everyone is slightly different. General weather conditions, overall fitness level and deviations from the trail can drastically change someone’s experience. Here is how I define how difficult a hike is.


Generally flat or a slight incline and usually short in length (usually less than 3 miles round trip). Typically acceptable for the majority of users (including children).


Acceptable for hikers with a reasonable amount of fitness. These hikes usually are longer in length (3 – 10 miles round trip) and include a range of elevation gain up to 2,500 feet. May include a small amount of scrambling.


Strenuous hikes are typically distances over 10 miles round trip, may include large amounts of elevation gain over 2,500 and likely includes tough terrain to traverse. A high level of fitness is needed for these trips.

Traveling Mooses Rating

For every hike or activity we go on, we include an overall Traveling Mooses rating. The scale ranges from 1 to 5 Mooses. We take into account many factors in our rating including, time spent, cost of activity, overall enjoyment, and whether or not we would repeat the activity. Our ratings are subjective based on our experiences and may differ from your own.

Safety Warning

The information contained on this website is for entertainment purposes only and references only opinions of the authors. Nothing contained within should be considered professional, financial, legal, tax, psychological, health, safety or investment advice. Seek advice from a duly licensed and/or registered professional that can help with your specific situation.